Jackson is an aspiring photojournalist who drives through life like Hunter S. Thompson's at the wheel. His attempt to use an assignment in Southeast Asia to escape the searing political reality of Donald Trump's election victory fails badly. One wrong turn sends him crashing through political corruption, corporate conservation, industrial deforestation and the illegal wildlife trade. The journey leaves him blood-splattered, infused with the scent of sex and choking back the bitter aftertaste of chemical indulgence.


*                *                *


Trying to make sense of the world around him, Jackson fights his way across physical, political and emotional landscapes in Asia, America and Africa. At every turn, he is confronted by paradox and turmoil, created and perpetuated by the tyrannical masses. He is forced to look inward, reflect on the 21st-century condition and examine who he is and what he represents: good, bad or - worst of all - cold-hearted indifference.